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Dec 2021

Former TV journalist, children's author and book influencer Hwee Goh of Hwee's Book Share Club interviewed me live from Times Bookstore, Waterway Point, where I spilt the beans on my writing process for Journey to the West: Perils on Earth! (My segment begins at about the 45 min mark.)

Nov 2019

The wonderful Charmaine Baylon's insightful questions had me gushing about why I set a large part of my MOUNT EMILY novels in the 1980s, the endless possibilities of time travel that authors could play with, and five of my favourite time travel stories. My interview can be found on The Super Charmed Life website, where Charmaine shares her inspiring and useful articles about food, people, animals, places and events.

Super Charmed life.png

Nov 2019

Prolific writer and Singapore kidlit champion Don Bosco interviewed me for his blog. You can read about what my books are about, where I get my story ideas, and other random stuff (including a silly poem I wrote to encourage parents to model reading for their kids).

Don Bosco interview.png

April 2018

I was interviewed by Straits Times Life Editor Extraordinaire Olivia Ho for an article about local authors writing books set in Singapore. Unfortunately, this article is behind a paywall, but you can read it if you are a Straits Times subscriber.


May 2017

I was profiled by A-List, the National Arts Council's magazine for the arts, after Mount Emily  won the Singapore Book Awards. In the interview with Marcus Goh, I talked about when I first started writing and how I got published. I also took the opportunity to gush about Brandon Sanderson, my favourite fantasy author!

Low ying Ping A List interview (lower re
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