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A trilogy of fast-paced adventures filled with lots of exciting twists and turns, these hilarious spoofs of adventure-hero stories is the author's tribute to this well-loved genre!

Published by: Penguin Random House SEA


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Filled with wacky humour and surprising twists and turns, this spoof of hero-adventure narratives follows a misguided hero and his three friends on a hilarious romp through a parallel world in a quest to save their own from destruction.


When the prophesied hero unexpectedly dies on the eve of the quest to save the world from a series of natural disasters, thirteen-year-old Julian Kee is randomly chosen as a last-minute replacement. With absolutely no world-saving skills whatsoever, he must nonetheless lead his friends to journey into a parallel world underneath the earth's crust (known as the Underworld) and retrieve a magical rock that can save their world.

The problem is that the ruling council of the Underworld objects to their quest, and access to the rock can only be obtained by passing through a series of terrible trials, including navigating an unsolvable maze, enduring unspeakable tortures in the dungeons of the council’s citadel, and facing a really cute bunny. And is the Underworlder who cheerfully volunteers to risk her life to help them simply a girl with a very kind, selfless heart, or is she really a spy for the council?


The Library of No Return brings back the main characters from Prophecy of the Underworld in yet another hilarious and adventure-filled jaunt to the Underworld!


The wise old man, Wuchiwark, believes that the Underworlders’ only hope to quell a magical rebellion is an ancient parchment stored in the Library of No Return, a mysterious place from which no one who entered has ever emerged. As Julian Kee and his friends embark on their new adventure, they soon begin to wonder if there is more to the parchment than Wuchiwark has revealed to them, and, more crucially, if their enemy this time is not the ruling council of the Underworld, but really Wuchiwark himself.


This instalment continues the series’ witty banter on fantasy and adventure tropes while being a delightful spoof on bookish habits and writing!


Julian Kee and his friends have already saved the Underworld twice from destruction and chaos. Can they do it a third time?

In his misguided attempts to harness the power of technology, the children’s erstwhile mentor Wuchiwark has unleashed a blight across the Underworld, causing the plants and animals to mutate into fearsome beasts. Only the legendary Twin Blades of Doom can undo the curse, so off the children are sent on yet another thrilling adventure! However, firmly believing that being a hero should be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and not a permanent job, Julian hatches a daring plot which, if successful, will resolve the Underworld’s problems once and for all.

This third book in the Prophecy of the Underworld series continues to serve up much fun and laughter about adventures, heroes and the crazy world of publishing!

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